Asset X Pro provides its online trading services to thousands of traders from around the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of our circle by promoting our services, we welcome you and will help you with anything that you will need in order to promote our services.

The Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is designed for people who want to promote our services to their circles and target audience. The program rewards you based on the number of people you refer to us. We have different versions of the program that are designed for different types of marketers. Here are the 3 main affiliate programs that you can sign up with.

1.You promote our services and get paid for every person who lands on our website through your specific link. This is the lowest-paying program per referral.

2.You get a percentage of the first deposit for every person who signs up with us through your affiliate link. This plan pays well.

3.You get a percentage for life from the deposits made by the individuals who sign up with us using your affiliate link. This program has the best payout.

You can always call us to learn more about the program or if you want a custom plan just for you. Also, we can provide you with all the marketing materials you need for the promotion of our services.

Promote with Honesty

As an affiliate of Asset X Pro , you are required to promote our services in the most honest way and without making any false promises. Any misrepresentation can result in Asset X Pro blocking your affiliate account temporarily or permanently.