1. Do you provide wealth management services?
That’s not the case. We are your online trading services provider. When you sign up with us, you open a trading account out of the account options that we have provided you with. Once you open the account by making the initial deposit, you will be trading in real time. You can choose the markets you want to enter and the assets that you want to trade. All the trading decisions will be taken by you. We will only provide you with the trading platform and other resources to help you trade successfully.
2. How can I diversify my trading portfolio?
At Asset X Pro, we provide you with the perfect opportunity to enter many markets at the same time. When you trade CFDs, you can buy the contracts of any underlying asset. The best part is that you can own multiple contracts at the same time. In other words, you can open multiple positions in many markets simultaneously. At the same time, you can decide which orders to close and when. When you sign up with us, we give you access to 100+ trading instruments, giving you plenty of choices to diversify your trading portfolio however you want.
3. Why are you asking for my personal information?
We ask you for your personal information because we have to create a unique account in your name. Don’t forget that we have to adhere to the KYC policy, which binds us with the regulation that we ask every trader for their personal information before they sign up with us. This personal information can include your identification number, which you will have to read from the identification card issued by your government. Once we have your information, we can be sure no one else will sign up using the same details.
4. What can you tell me about KYC and AML policies?
The KYC and AML policies are used in the online financial services industry to make the platforms that provide these services transparent and safe for their users. To adhere to the KYC policy, every financial services provider has to ask for personal details from its customers, as we do from our traders. The AML policy requires certain banking details and requirements to be met before a person can perform any deposits and withdrawals with the company. The purpose of these policies is to protect the interest of legitimate traders.
5. What methods are available for deposits?
There are many methods available for you to fund your account. Firstly, you can use your debit or credit card to fund your account, but your card has to have the Visa or Mastercard logo on it. Secondly, you can use other internet transfer methods, including PayPal and Skrill. You can also fund your account directly from your crypto wallet. Last but not least, our traders have the bank wire transfer option available to them too.
6. How can I withdraw funds, and how long will it take?
You can withdraw your funds using the same methods that are available for depositing funds. It is important to know here that we adhere to the AML policy, and this policy entails that you use the same method for pulling out the funds that you used for funding your account. If you funded your account using your credit card, you would have to take the funds out on this card. The amount of time it takes for you to receive your funds depends on the method you choose. It will usually take from 3 to 5 working days for your withdrawals to reach your banking account.
7. Do you guarantee that I will make money on trading?
No, we do not and will never guarantee any trader that they will make money on trading. Keep in mind that trading requires skill. It can definitely make you rich overnight, but that’s a rare incident. In most cases, you have to work your way up from the roots. You have to keep on trading consistently before you have enough money to make larger investments. We can provide you with the much-needed resources for successful trading, but that’s the best we can do.
8. Is this a trading robot that will trade on my behalf?
No, our platform is designed to help you trade on your own. We provide you with the latest trading tools, trading signals, and indicators to help you with your predictions. In addition to that, we give you a robust trading platform that you can use for trading in any market you like. However, you will be trading with your own money, and you will be making trading decisions as well. This is not a trading robot, and it will not trade on your behalf.
9. Can I own the assets and sell them somewhere else?
Please know that when you sign up with Asset X Pro, you are on a CFD trading platform. On this platform, you trade assets in the form of contracts. You only predict their prices to make profits on your trades. You never own the asset. This isn’t something particular or exclusive to our platform. This is how CFDs work. They are designed to let you trade in just about any market without going through the hassle of owning an asset. This is also the reason CFD trading has become so popular around the world. So, since you will never buy an asset or own it, there is no question of you selling it somewhere.
10. Why are the bid and ask prices different?
These are the prices that you have to deal with on a daily basis as a trader. When you want to buy an asset, the price you pay for the asset (contracts, in our case) is the bid price. At the same time, when you want to sell the same asset (contract) back into the market, the price you ask for is the ask price. The difference between the two prices on a trading platform is what is called a spread. On our trading platform, we have kept these spreads as tight as possible to help our traders keep most of their profits.
11. I am a beginner. Which account will be the best for me?
We have given you many accounts to choose from. Each account has been designed for a different type of trader. We can tell you that we have designed the basic accounts for our new traders. They suit you because they don’t expose you to a lot of risks. At the same time, the trading tools that you get access to with these accounts are pretty simple and basic in nature. However, you still have access to plenty of resources that will help you make money on your trades. In short, if you are a basic trader, you should start with one of the first two accounts on the list.
12. Do you offer any free education and courses?
When you sign up with us, regardless of the account type you pick, you have to make an initial deposit. This is the amount that gets you signed up with us. Once you have signed up, we give you access to all the training material and education without any costs. You can learn from the eBooks that we have in the academy at your own pace. You can even watch hundreds of videos to learn the most difficult trading concepts. All of these materials are made available to you without charging you anything. Just the initial deposit you make when you open the account is enough.
13. What are one-on-one sessions?
They are part of our training and educational resources. However, you have to realize that these sessions are conducted by the best experts in the trading industry, and they don’t have a lot of time. We have to specifically arrange for them to train our traders. For this reason, you don’t have unlimited training sessions when you sign up with us. With a basic trading account, you don’t have any. However, as you go higher on the list of account types, you get to take advantage of more and more of these sessions that teach you a lot in very little time.
14. Will you give me leverages on trades?
Yes, when you trade on our trading platform, we give you leverages on just about all the assets that you trade. We do want you to know that the leverages are not fixed. While we can tell you that the maximum leverage you will get on this platform is 1:200, it will not be fixed on every market or asset. It will change from asset to asset. While leverages on forex currency pairs and indices are huge, they are pretty small when you trade cryptocurrencies.
15. Do you charge commissions on deposits and withdrawals?
We want to make deposits and withdrawals as easy as possible for our traders. For this reason, we don’t charge you any commissions when you make the first deposit or withdrawal from your trading account in a month. However, all the withdrawals or deposits that you perform after that will have a cost associated with them. It’s a very small fee, but you don’t have to confuse it with the fee that’s being charged by your bank.
16. Are you a registered business?
Asset X Pro is a registered business providing you with legal online trading services. We already have hundreds and thousands of traders using our platform on a daily basis from all around the world. You can become one of these traders who have changed their lives while using our trading tools and flexible trading conditions.
17. Is my money safe with you?
Yes, the money that you deposit through your trading account is safe with us because we follow the protocols of the industry. We have made sure to create a separate account for our trader funds. All the money that our traders deposit in their accounts goes into this separate account, completely segregated from the company’s account. In addition to that, we want you to be sure that we have only chosen the most well-known and regulated banks for the job of storing your money.
18. What kind of trading tools do you offer?
We have plenty of tools available on our trading platform that you can use for a variety of purposes. We let you trade using the take-profit or stop-loss strategies. This means you can define certain filters and then see your trading stop at a certain point that has been defined by you. We give you access to calculators and currency converters. We also give you access to other simpler tools, such as news and feeds from the financial markets directly to your trading platform.
19. Can I use your platform on my smartphone?
This is the beauty of the trading platform that we have chosen for our traders. It does not matter which device you are using. Our trading platform will work on them all. This trading platform has been designed to work on all devices as well as all operating systems. So, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you will be able to use it with convenience. In addition to that, the same platform can be used on your desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. You can access this platform from anywhere in the world without worrying about compatibility problems.
20. What’s the purpose of 2FA authentication?
When you sign into your account, you enter a password. However, with online hackers becoming more sophisticated and using advanced technologies, they are able to hack passwords pretty easily. Through 2 Factor Authentication, we have created another extra layer of security for you when you sign into your trading account. After entering the password like you always do, you will have to enter the code that we send you in your SMS before you can access your trading account. This makes your account much safer and more well-protected than ever.