Asset X Pro is all about transparency, especially when it comes to fees and charges. We are very upfront about any fees that you have to pay for any part of our services. Whether you are opening a trading position, making a deposit, or performing some other activity on the platform, if there is a fee, you will know about it in advance. We don’t have any hidden service charges and fees to surprise you at the eleventh hour.

When you trade, we charge you in the form of a spread, which is the standard way for online trading services providers to keep their operations running. Every time you pick an asset for trading, you know in advance what the spreads on it will be. The spreads can vary based on the account you pick for trading. Usually, advanced and professional trading accounts will have tighter spreads.

There are no additional commissions for you to pay on your trades in addition to the spread that you already cover while trading. Furthermore, you can make the first deposit and withdrawal every month without paying any fee or commission on it. Do make sure that you confirm with your bank if you see a fee or service charge on your banking statement.

There might be small service fees associated with you keeping your account inactive for more than six months. At the same time, there is a swap fee that you have to pay when you hold a position overnight. In either case, you will know the exact fee, or you can call us to learn about it.