Have complete peace of mind when you sign up with Asset X Pro because we have completed the legal formalities to provide you with online trading services. We understand that the security of information and funds is the most important factor that helps a trader decide if they want to or do not want to sign up with an online trading platform. Based on that, we have made sure to meet all the requirements to make our platform reliable, trustable, and safe for our traders from around the world.

A Registered Business

First of all, when you sign up with us, you have to know that you are opening a trading account with a registered business. We are not just a website with a single person sitting in the back running everything. We are a team with a legitimate business with proper registration.

Adhering to Industry Policies

We adhere to all the industry policies to ensure that our platform is safe for our traders in every way. We adhere to the KYC policy pertaining to the signup of our traders on our platform. At the same time, we make sure every trader adheres to the AML policy when they give out their banking details.

Adhering to Online Standards

We also understand our responsibility as an online resource to take care of your money and information. We have SSL certificates installed on the website, and we also make sure to encrypt all the data provided by our traders. Furthermore, we monitor your account for any suspicious activities and notify you as soon as we notice something out of the ordinary.

We also have 2FA authentication protocols implemented, so you don’t have to rely on just a password to access your trading account. Have peace of mind when you sign up with Asset X Pro because we know your concerns and have already taken care of them.