Asset X Pro is an objective-based entity, and one of our main objectives is to ensure the security and privacy of our customers’ information and data. In the fulfillment of this objective, we have set in motion a privacy policy that pertains to the security of the information that we have obtained from our customers. We may clarify that the information is sought by Asset X Pro in order for us to ensure betterment in the delivery of our services to the customers with the aim that the customers experience satisfaction while interacting with Asset X Pro website and application.

Provision of Collection of Customer Data

We honor our commitments to our customers, and in this connection, we take extra measures to ensure the security of your privacy, which is one of the most crucial aspects of Asset X Pro In our commitment to offering the best services and trading experience, we collect particular information from you, which comprises your personal information. We also have third parties on board, which are Asset X Pro partners for providing various services, which include, but are not limited to, marketing, promoting, and advertising.

We cannot, in any circumstance, sell or even lease your personal information to anyone, including the third-parties. Your information was collected for a special purpose which involves improving our content for the sake of our users. When we advertise our services, such marketing is done while obtaining permission from the social media platforms like Facebook. And there could be a possibility that Facebook may happen to share your information with us because you are our member as well as a member of Facebook.

Under the contract between you and Asset X Pro, we are bound to obtain your personal information for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements under the contract, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. Such information is needed by Asset X Pro because it helps us in operating and managing our business in accordance with the needs and demands of our users. It also helps us build strong ties with you. For the purposes of information, we may ask you to provide us your full name, complete address, mobile/telephone number, bank account(s) and electronic payment card details, or any other information which can prove your identity.

Mode of Collecting Information

Asset X Pro receives your personal information when the same is being provided to us directly by you or, in the alternative, the same is being obtained from a third-party source. By way of an example, there could be a possibility that you are taking part in an online prize quiz, and for the purposes of participation, you have completed a questionnaire by mentioning your details therein. It is possible that afterward, you will be in receipt of our email informing you how you can take part in that quiz. The information can be further obtained by us when you are interacting with our customer support team, and in this situation, we reserve the right to record your conversation electronically or through any other source of recording the information.

Handling of Information

Since the information belongs to you, hence you reserve the right to manage your information as you, please. However, we can assure you that Asset X Pro has incorporated means through which we can easily handle your information and keep it intact. In this policy, we would like to make mention as to what purpose the information was sought and how it will be used, and what measures we have taken to protect it. We are required by law to make this disclosure.

Your personal information plus the bank account details shall be used for us to enhance the user experience of our services, including customer support service.

We honor privacy, and in this connection, we are fully capable of maintaining and ensuring confidentiality by all means necessary. Our purpose in requiring your personal information is aimed at improving the course of our services and their effectiveness. Without your specific authorization, we cannot use your information for the purposes of product or service marketing for any banking or non-banking products. The provisions contained in this policy shall be duly applied to all transactions carried out through our platform.

Provisions of Data Sharing

For the purposes of our services, we have hired third parties such as vendors, marketers, contractors, delivery service providers, online stores, suppliers, marketplaces, etc. Their assistance is required by us, particularly for the purposes of execution of orders carried out by you through Asset X Pro platform. These third parties also help us in the fulfillment of our commitments towards security, technology, accountancy, and for compiling analysis and reviews and IT purposes. Hence, under this policy, we reserve the right to share your information with them.

Data Rights

As our valued user, you reserve the right to ask us or enquire from us why we are seeking your information and how we intend to use such information, and why sharing is necessary. You also reserve the right to correct your information at any time you feel convenient if you are of the view that the information needs a change, modification, alteration, or correction if any. You can, at any time convenient to you, request us to either redact or delete the information.

Also, there are additional rights that we have specifically provided to members of EU states under this policy. For instance, a member of the EU has the right to renounce his consent whenever he so desires, which would result in stopping our processing activities to the extent of such a renounced consent. However, we cannot immediately suspend our processing activities upon renouncing consent on a few occasions because some processing activities are time-bound, for which at least four months would be required.

Policy Concerning Modification of Data

As indicated earlier, the owner of the information has the right to modify his or her information. In case of modification required in the data, the owner of the information shall be required to send a modification request along with his identity documents, such as a driver’s license or any other document which can help us in identification. The request for modifying data shall be granted after verification only. In the situation where by law, the information cannot be modified, we shall inform the customer by mentioning the reasons why the modification has been denied.

Data Protection Policy

The information provided to us is kept confidential and protected. For the purposes of protection, we use electronic and tech-based protocols and standards. Some of the measures that we take for the protection of the information are as follows.

  • High-tech servers have been put in place by Asset X Pro in which the information belonging to our customers is stored.
  • The information is kept secret and out of the reach of our employees. Our employees are trained professionals and have been taught that they cannot take a peek into customers’ information.
  • We use encrypted formats for securing the data.
  • For converting the data into encrypted formats, we rely on SSL technology. Whenever your information is provided to us, the same is there and then protected through SSL technology, and the encrypted data can only be accessed by providing two-layered passcodes.
  • To keep the information safe from intruders, unauthorized modifications or abuse, or misuse, we have applied the industry’s best security features.

Cookies Policy

For the purposes of personalizing your experience with our platform, we have provided cookies that require permission to use, access, and storage space. These cookies will greatly help you interact with us and are meant for the purpose of enhancing user experience. Cookies are a way of collecting customers’ feedback which is then used by us to determine the legitimate expectations of the customers. They also help us remember you whenever you are accessing our platform from any place or any particular device whatsoever. They are also very helpful in increasing the performance of Asset X Pro website.

By agreeing to this policy, we are assuming that you have thoroughly understood the purpose of cookies and the policy concerning cookies.