Asset X Pro terms and conditions of use shall be explained in detail in this document. We allow access to our trading platform, services, tools, resources, products, and applications which also include access to websites associated with us subject to the user’s agreement on the terms and conditions mentioned in the CFD Trading Platform Terms of Use (Terms). These Terms shall therefore be applicable upon any and all of our services, tools, resources, products, applications, website(s), or even documents and software.

Acceptance of These Terms

Your agreement to the following terms and conditions will ensure you the right to avail of our services and use our platform. Subject to the following terms and conditions, you may be further required to agree to the terms and conditions contained in the separate license agreement. Kindly examine the following terms and conditions thoroughly so as to seek clarity with regard to the servers, products, and features offered by Asset X Pro.


You are obligated to agree to the following terms and conditions for the purposes of obtaining our services:

Our online trading platform is exclusively CFD based on platform, and hence all instruments of trade at our platform can be traded under CFD only.

When you are proceeding with opening an account with Asset X Pro, you are strictly advised to fulfill all the requirements failing which we reserve the right to deny account opening. For opening an account with us, the standard pre-requisite is that you must be of legal age, i.e., 18 years or above.

Under our standard terms and conditions, we do not make any deductions in the withdrawals and deposits pertaining to Asset X Pro accounts. In return for our services, we, however, charge commissions as per the agreed rates, which vary from account to account and from asset to asset. If you wish to know about our commissions and rates, then you can access our table containing spreads and prices.

Copyright and Trademark Policy

We are a licensed company, and the content and information provided by us on our website are our property under the International License (i.e., Clause 4.0 – Creative Commons Attribution). Our content and material comprise text, images, audio, and video content, and the same can be used by you for defined purposes only. In case you want to use the content for a purpose other than the defined purpose, then you shall be bound to seek our permission. For instance, commercial use of our content is permitted subject to approval only.

Third-Party Content

Content belonging to third parties also forms part of our content, and therefore the third-party content may or may not have separate terms and conditions. Asset X Pro can take liability for the content which exclusively belongs to us and not the third-party content. We also cannot certify or make any representation with regard to the accuracy of third-party content because the same is beyond our scope and ambit.

Limited Scope Against Third-Party Content

Our scope of services is limited to the services offered by Asset X Pro only. In case you are using third-party content, then you agree that the third-party content is beyond our scope, and we have limited liability. You also agree that Asset X Pro should not be expected to acquire responsibility with regard to the correctness or accuracy of third-party content. We can, however, advise you to carefully examine the third-party terms and conditions pertaining to their content.

Here are a few examples:

The information set out herein and provided hereto pertains to CFD trading, and, for all intents and purposes, the information is general in nature and is not meant to be assumed as precise or accurate or correct or treated as financial advice. The mere purpose of the information is educational and academic, and in no manner whatsoever, the same shall not be treated, assumed, taken, or considered to be investment advice. You are free to consult professional advisors in case you require financial or investment or legal or any other kind of advice for the purposes of CFD trading.


The contract is subject to expiry and contains an expiry period. An account holder is legally entitled to revoke the contract before the expiry of the contract. As a consequence of the termination and revocation of the contract, the account with Asset X Pro shall be automatically suspended permanently, followed by the closure of all trading positions.

Account errors

We have set in place 24/7 customer support for the purpose of providing you solutions to problems, technical difficulties, glitches, and errors in the account. If you have encountered an error in your account, you are entitled to inform the customer support team.

If the error exists, you are advised not to carry out activities from the account, including the activities of deposits and withdrawals. During the time when the error prevails, you are required to make sure that you do not share such information with any third party or person.

Account login credentials are secret and remain with the account holder at all times. Hence, the risks associated with the account are that of the account holder. It is advised that in no circumstances you should share your account access information with any third party or person.

In case you have shared your account access information with someone deliberately or non-deliberately, Asset X Pro shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising out of such information sharing. Ensuring the protection of your account login and access information is the sole responsibility of the account holder. In case we notice that somebody else is using or accessing your account, then we shall take all necessary steps to end or curtail such usage or access without even giving you any reason. Such an end of usage or curtailing of access shall result in the termination of the account.

Accuracy of Information

We have supplied the information on our website on the basis of fair assessment, and hence we believe the information to be accurate. But in no circumstances whatsoever, we cannot guarantee or commit to the accuracy or correctness of the information. Any loss or damage arising out of such information shall hence be the responsibility of the user and not the Asset X Pro.

Since we cannot guarantee or commit to the accuracy or correctness of the information, hence, we also cannot take responsibility for the consequences arising out of such information. Our liability is limited particularly to our services and products, with which we are committed. We also believe that what we are suggesting about the trading or about our third parties and their products/services is true. The information contained in our website, which forms part of our content, is meant for information and educational purposes only and should not be considered as an endorsement by Asset X Pro.

Limitation of Liability

The provisions forming the basis of this document are set out particularly on ‘as is, where is basis,’ which exclude warranties and guarantees of any kind. Any risk arising out of the use of this policy shall be the exclusive responsibility of the user. We cannot endorse the fitness or suitability, or accuracy of the content provided on our website. In the event that a direct or indirect loss has occurred or damage has been caused, including, without limitation, the loss of data, profit, or failure of services, then Asset X Pro shall not be held responsible for that loss or damage.

Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any consequential loss arising under the contract or because of negligence on the part of the user.

Account access is restricted and can only be accessed by providing an account login ID and password, and account access information remains at all times in the possession and custody of the account holder. In case a loss or damage has occurred in the account, then the loss or damage, even if the same was caused due to an error or by human intervention, shall be borne by the account holder only.